I wasn’t chosen.

I offered my best, and I thought they would accept me.

I knew I wouldn’t be perfect, but I had at least hoped to be included.

I find myself looking at others through lenses of discontentment and jealousy.

It seems far from fair that others would get what I don’t have.

What do I have to do in order to be noticed?

My heart aches at being passed over once again.




I was chosen.

I didn’t offer the best, yet He loved me.

I was far from perfect, but through Jesus, I was included in His eternal family.

I can now look at others with humility and sacrificial love.

It seems far from fair that I would receive an eternal inheritance based on Another’s merit.

Even in my scandalous state, He noticed me.

I was chosen and my heart has been made new.


I know today’s post is extremely short compared to most of my writing around here. It was written shortly after I had experienced the sting of several rejections. I felt myself sinking into a self-focused funk and the fact that my Father pursued and chose me while I was still his enemy brought great comfort to my hurting heart. If you’re experiencing that same sting today, I hope it is a gentle reminder to you of God’s unrelenting love toward His children.