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My sweet friend, Stacey, calls it “fresh out of amazing”.

No matter the name, we can all identify with the hopeless places in which we find ourselves throughout this journey called life. From chaotic grocery store trips with small children to the agonizing pain of a cancer diagnosis, we have all experienced the loneliness and despair in those moments.

That’s why I’m so thankful for the honest reflection and gentle encouragement that Stacey offers in her new book aptly titled, Fresh Out of Amazing.


The book is divided into two sections. Part 1 introduces us to five different “fresh out of amazing girls”. Before she begins, however, she reminds of the faithfulness of our Father to begin AND finish the heart renovations He is accomplishing in our lives. He promises to give His perfect grace and complete the work with an infinite eternal view. This was such an important reminder at the start of the book.

I would have to admit that I saw glimpses of myself in each one of the weary women Stacey describes, but my heart was especially challenged and encouraged by the chapter, “Burdened and Busy”. Stacey used Martha, the distracted servant, as an example of a woman who was busy but didn’t need to be burdened because Jesus offered to carry that load for her. Stacy says, “A heart full of duty is no comparison to a heart full of devotion”. She also points out a beautiful transformation in Martha’s life when later in her story we see her actively seeking her Lord in the midst of her brother’s death. She had learned to seek the “better thing”.

In the second half of the book Stacey invites the readers to “gaze into the heart of Jesus”. She spends time explaining practical ways to rest in the burden-carrying grace Christ offers. My heart was especially touched by Chapter 10: Worship – Even If…..I Still Will. Based on an earlier discussion from Habakkuk’s message, she emphasizes his powerful words, “The righteous will live by faith” which is quoted later on in Scripture. We worship our God by reflecting on His faithfulness and waiting in silent expectation for Him. “Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is worship God.”

Stacey includes a mini-challenge and study guide for small groups at the end of the book for those readers who would like to dig deeper. This book is perfectly laid out for a book club discussion. In the midst of real and raw confessions and “fresh out of amazing” stories, Stacey does a wonderful job of pointing our eyes to the One who is always and forever amazing. I thank God for laying these words on her heart and for her bravery in sharing them with us!

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**I was given a free advanced reader’s copy to read and review. These thoughts are completely my own.