I can vividly remember sitting on the floor of the newly decorated nursery surrounded by Pampers and pacifiers. The tears flowed as I asked my husband, “What do we do with him now?” The thought of taking care of this little person, my son, seemed absolutely overwhelming. He didn’t wait long before announcing exactly what I needed to do next and as I changed his diaper, I knew that life would be different – forever.

As a somewhat wiser mom of three now, I can confidently say that caring for children is one of the uniquely hardest jobs a woman will ever have. Kids demand our attention at all hours of the day draining us emotionally and physically. Add to the chaos a job to help the family stay afloat financially and a ministry or two to further the gospel and we find ourselves over committed and drained. We are busy women.

Unfortunately, Satan uses that busyness as a foothold in our lives. When our schedule is packed to capacity something needs to give and the neglected item often becomes Bible study.

We use our motherhood as an excuse to skip our time in God’s Word.

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