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Little Bible Heroes {a giveaway}

You don’t have look at many parenting magazines or websites before you come across the strong recommendation to read to your children from a very early age. Reading can increase literacy and fluency in speech and allows for parent/child bonding. That’s the reason why my pediatrician gives books to my kids at every well-child visit.

Since I’m naturally a multitasker, I want the time I spend reading with my small children to increase not only their language skills, but their knowledge of our God. So I was super excited to discover a new kids series in the bookstore at The Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference which accomplishes just that.

Each book in the Little Bible Heroes series includes two stories. When the child reaches the end of the first story, they flip the book to read the other. My little girl quickly claimed Ruth & Heroes of Babylon as her book of choice. We read each story over and over again as she pointed out tiny details in the illustrations such a tiny mouse or duck that appears on each page. Although, we haven’t used them yet, each book also includes a Parent Connection in the middle of the two stories. This section would be great for children ready to answer simple questions for comprehension and discussion.


Often building a children’s library can be expensive, but these books are very affordable. This eases my mind when pages get ripped or chewed. (Please tell me that your children are very rough on their books too!). You could eventually build a library of all of them!

Here are the books in this series:

Creation/Noah Flip-Over Book
Miriam/Daniel Flip-Over Book
Joshua/Rahab Flip-Over Book
Samuel/The Little Maid Flip-Over Book
David/Esther Flip-Over Book
Joseph/The Good Samaritan Flip-Over Book
Christmas/Easter Flip-Over Book
Jesus’ Miracles/Martha Flip-Over Book
Elijah/John the Baptist Flip-Over Book
Heroes of Babylon/Ruth Flip-Over Book
The Little Giver/Zacchaeus Flip-Over Book
Peter/Paul Flip-Over Book


I want to help you get your own collection started, so I’m giving away one copy of the Miriam/Daniel Flip-over Book. Enter below. U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen on August 27, 2016 and announced on Facebook. Winner will have 48 hours to email or another participant will be chosen.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Blotch {a giveaway}…


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She shook her tiny toddler finger in my face and scowled. “Stop,” she commanded with all the authority she could muster. My mouth fell open. How had she learned to be so bossy, so demanding?

The truth is that I shouldn’t have been the least surprised. After three children, I’ve clearly seen how early and naturally sin manifests itself.  As my husband said while holding each of our newborn babies for the first time, “What a cute little sinner”.

In order to correctly teach the doctrine of sin to our kids, we must reinforce the fact that we are inherently or naturally sinners from the time of our conception. It is that original sin that then reveals itself in wrong behaviors and attitudes. In other words, we fail to meet God’s perfect standards before we have officially committed our first misdeed.

Just like when we teach about the eternal punishment for sin, it’s this bad news that makes the good news so wonderful! Jesus took the separation and consequences of our evil choices on himself to offer us a way out of the horrible mess we all find ourselves in from birth.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.28.01 PM

It can be intimidating to explain these concepts to our kids and we fear that we might explain it incorrectly or somehow confuse their little minds. That’s why it can be so helpful to have resources like the brand new book, Blotch by Andy Addis.

This 5-chapter parable, follows the story of Blotch who is a boy who lives in a kingdom where everyone is born with one mark on their skin. Each time they act or think wrongly, a new blotch appears. He is determined to find out a way to get rid of these embarrassing spots, so he sets out on a journey. Along the way, he meets different people dealing with this blotch problem in different ways (hiding them, ignoring them, etc…). He finally finds the answer to this pressing dilemma when he meets a kind stranger who is willing to offer himself in a sacrificial way.

I won’t spoil the end for you, but I will say that this book explained the gospel in a gentle, yet clear way. It’s illustrations perfectly fit the story and my boys couldn’t wait for me to turn the page. It also includes notes for parents and a discussion guide to accompany each chapter. It worked well for us during our homeschool Bible time, but it would also be a great tool for family worship in the evenings as well.

I would encourage you to add this tool to your family library as you seek to share the simple yet profound story of the gospel with your children. You may even find yourself gripped once again with the beauty of the King who offers to remove your stains too!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

I have one copy of Blotch to giveaway. Enter below. U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen on April 16, 2016 and contacted via email.

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Steadfast Love {a giveaway}….


It seemed to go on forever. The 165 mph winds tore at shingles and twisted pine trees. This monster of a hurricane unleashed tornadoes and blinding rain. We attempted to get a little sleep in the crowded shelter, but it was practically impossible to rest with the sound of metal banging against the outside of the building all night long.

When the gusts finally died down, we emerged to find something similar to a war-zone. Pieces of bent metal and shattered glass covered the ground. The still air caused an eerie silence as we stood amazed the damage as far as we could see.

The two weeks following Hurricane Ivan consisted of clean-up, military MRE’s, cold showers, and more sleepless nights in the humid Florida air. The memories of sweet outdoor church services and hour-long waits to fill up our gas can will stay with us forever.

It was a storm we will never forget.

You may quickly see some parallels in your own life. You may never experience a storm of that magnitude where you live, but I know you have experienced the howling winds and battering rain of life’s storms. Cancer – Broken relationships – Financial ruin – Unanswered prayers — all tempests of life that leave us wondering what in the world hit us and where can we run for cover?

“Sometimes He wrings worship from our hearts.” – Lauren Chandler

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 2.02.45 PM

In 2009, Lauren Chandler found herself thrown in the middle of one of those storms of life. Her husband experienced a seizure and was rushed to the hospital to later be diagnosed with a brain tumor. The next weeks and months were filled with wave after wave of emotion, worry, and fear. It was in that whirlwind that Lauren learned some of the most beautiful lessons about God and His faithfulness.

In her new book, Steadfast Love, she takes us on a journey through Psalm 107. Its poetic style gracefully points our focus to the True Anchor for our souls in the middle of life’s tumultuous sea. Our enemy seeks to distract us by other, less effective anchors that will never survive the gale force winds of life, but God is faithful to hold on to us in spite of our wandering. She reminds the reader, that even when God says “no” to our pleas for relief, we can be confident in His love and the freedom He offers from the idols of our heart.
He is not only our anchor in the storm, but the master controller of the storm itself.
I love what she says near the end of the book…..

“He uses the adversity of the storm more than the advantage of the calm.”

I don’t know the current status of the sea of your life today. You may feel tossed about like a little rowboat. The waves may not seem too overwhelming right now, but either way, I encourage you to dig into this promising passage of Scripture with Lauren. I know you’ll walk away overwhelmed with the all-consuming steadfast love of our Savior.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.


I have one copy of Steadfast Love to giveaway. Enter below. U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen on March 5, 2016 and contacted via email.

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Free Fall Printable for YOU…..

It sure feels like fall here in Northern Pennsylvania. The leaves are starting to change color and there’s a crispness in the air!
I love decorating for Fall almost as much as I do Christmas! The smell of pumpkin candles and the cozy oranges and reds just make me happy!
One of my favorite decorations is a fabric pumpkin we made last year at MOPS out of a toilet paper roll. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell my secret!



I thought it would be fun to share a little fall inspiration with you! I hope it will be a reminder to you to count the blessings we see not only around Thanksgiving, but year round!


Click HERE to download your free printable. All you need to do is right click to save it to your computer then print!

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I don’t know everything and a blog launch giveaway for you!

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As I forge forward with this new blog, I want you to know one major thing! I DON’T have all the answers! Not.even.close! So along with sharing things that I have learned personally in Scripture and study, I’ll be sharing links and resources for you on a regular basis.

There are 3 places to find that content:

  1. Right here at Dishes & Doctrine on our Resources page. This will be updated as I finish great books or find new podcasts!
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Finally, I don’t plan for this to be a giveaway/review site primarily, but I may be contacted to read a book for an author and love it so much that I just have to give it away to you! So, you may find occasional giveaways like this one!


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