Life is busy. The laundry cycle never ends. Kids seem to contract the stomach bug at the least convenient times. There’s often a key ingredient missing for the recipe I need to make tonight!

That’s why I want Dishes & Doctrine to come to you! I know you don’t always have time to read an email or sit down to read a post at your leisure.

During our Galatians series, I decided to offer audio versions of each post and response was very positive. It was a huge help to busy moms to listen while literally washing the dishes or sweeping the floor!

That’s why I’m excited to announce that for the foreseeable future the Dishes & Doctrine Audio Blog is here to stay!


In fact, we’re even officially on iTunes now so you can subscribe to automatically receive new episodes there.

So the basics:

  • Each week you’ll still find a new post here on on the blog.
  • It’s your choice if you want to read or listen. Just click the button at the top of each post to pop over to iTunes to listen.
  • Find any posts/episodes that you’ve missed on the Audio Blog tab or by searching on iTunes.

I really hope this is a help to you as you join me in seeking to know our God more through His word! “Talk” to you soon!