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Facing A Task Unfinished – a night with the Getty’s {including pics and videos}

Most of my posts here are devotional in nature. I love processing thoughts about the gospel and its daily impact on our lives. Recently, though, I had one of the most fun experiences of my life, and I just had to share it!

As you may know, we live in a very small town. We have beautiful mountains and relatively safe streets, but often miss out on fun things like Chick-fil-a and Target. That all changed when the famous modern hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty decided to add our little community  as a stop on their current tour. If that wasn’t exciting enough, they needed some volunteers to sing in a backup choir. I signed up immediately!

Our choir of thirty-five practiced twice a week for several weeks leading up to the event. It was so fun to make new friends as we rehearsed.

Whenever the Gettys travel, Keith hosts a conversation with pastors and leaders from around the area. It was so encouraging to hear his heart behind hymn writing and corporate singing. One of my favorite thoughts was this, “We sing because we are commanded, but also compelled by the love of Christ.”

Later that afternoon, the choir joined the soundcheck for the concert. This was not a full rehearsal, but a quick 30 minute run-through of trouble spots. Good thing we had practiced so many hours in advance AND had such an amazing choir director.

Here’s a short (and low quality) video I took at the beginning of the rehearsal.


The concert itself was great and fulfilled all my expectations of a fantastic time! The musicians were out of this world good! It was so special to be just a small part of the musical celebration that evening.

Afterwards, the band headed outside for an impromptu “jam” session. Sorry for the guy blocking my view, but this might give you a little taste of the fantastic talent of these musicians.


Thank you to the Getty’s and their band for blessing our small community with their Christ focused music. If they ever head back to the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, I’ll be the first to sign up for the choir!!

Luther, the bulldog

It was supposed to be a quiet evening away from the kids.

Every few months, some generous church servants volunteer to host a parents night out. For three and a half hours, we can remember what it was like to be kid-free. After devouring a few too many Red Lobster cheese biscuits we decided to walk around the mall. We have to make best use of our time in the “big city” when we get the chance.

We only made it as far as the 1st shop inside the entrance. His floppy white paws and pleading eyes caught our attention immediately. We were supposed to be focusing on us, but we couldn’t stop thinking about surprising our kids with a new best friend. They would be ecstatic.

Our hunch was right. They have fallen in love with him. So far, the fun seems to outweigh the responsibility of feeding and cleaning up after a new pet (at least for the three youngest family members).

The first several nights were traumatic for the little guy.

New smells. New places. New toys. New people. New cage.

He hated the cage.

His cries were enough to wake the neighborhood. If only he realized that we had his best interest in mind when we added the soft bed and stuffed frog to keep him warm. If only he realized that the bacon-flavored bone would be the perfect answer for his sore puppy teeth. If only he realized the bars that felt like prison were meant for his safety.

Each day with our new buddy seems to be slightly better than the last. Learning our family routines and expectations, gives him a comfort and confidence to settle into our home. He is realizing that his crate offers him a quiet, undisturbed place to escape from toddler hugs.

This new chapter for our family has brought with it a thousand changes and many lessons (practical and spiritual). New puppy brain-fog keeps me from elaborating, so a picture will have to be worth a thousand words for now.